SBC and JS suck, Perl is still cool

Guri is no longer with us. Eowyn won’t be shortly. These are probably things better left untalked about.

I’m beginning to realize I don’t like javascript. I mean, it seems nice and all… but it also sucks in every way perl kicks ass. If there’s a problem, for example, the script simply doesn’t run. Unlike perl, which will either say ‘hey dude, you screwed up over here, might wanna fix this shit here.’ or even just running and stopping after a few things.

No, it just doesn’t do anything. I get a blank page. And thats not even for big errors. That’s just misspelling a word, misplacing a punctuation mark.

Oh well.

I want these.

Ah. Our contract with SBC is finished as of September 10th. We’re kinda deciding between Speakeasy and Cox. I’m leaning toward Speakeasy, because even though its $10 more than Cox, they’re more than friendly to running servers. Which you can’t really say for any other ISP. Especially SBC. Unfortunately, it looks like currently their cheapest Static IP service is $60/month, which is a little out of our price range. But I’ve dealt with dynamic IP’s thus far, another few months won’t kill me.

Anyway, we’ve yet to make any plans with regards to our email service, so if you notice I’m not online for a few days, its cuz I’m waiting for internet. Don’t send me anymore mail to my SBC account, btw. Use the email address at the top of this page… my ‘rohan’ account.

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