w000 rilo kiley is fun to say

yay, it works again! huzzah! I just had a big ass margarita! w000!

my default user account on win2k insists I install directX under the admin account, but the admin account says I already did it… fuck it and fuck my current lack of Super Mario World.

w0000 speakeasy. its all fast n shit… I wanna do some online gaming, but no one is fucking online, and half-life is taking a god damn forever to copy over

hey, fuckin fajitas and margaritas at my place next weekend.

Rilo Kiley r0x0rz. Thanks Alexis. Anyways, check them out. Butterfly Effect is pretty cool, too. Yeah. And I finally got around to cleaning up my plant tank a bit… I’ll see if I can’t take some pictures of its shit, not that anyone cares, heh

Static IP, yay

Ok bye.

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