I can feel this insomnia slide…

Heres an update I wrote while I was still back in San Jose:
So I’m sitting here at the airport waiting for my flight to leave. Killin time. And I look up and there’s a movie on this little TV screen. No one’s really watching it, but it looks familiar. It’s a movie I’ve seen before. Oh… it’s… Weird Science? Wait a minute… I remember this scene… They forgot to plug the computer into the doll… and now everything is getting sucked out of the house. There was something odd about that scene.. Oh yeah! A girl is stuck in the house, and it starts to suck her up the chimney, but she holds onto a window, and then… Er… wait, they can’t show that part. Whoa, they just did. That’s… not PG rated…

Anyway, back to the now. So yeah, I’ve been missing out on the updates for a while. A big reason for it is cuz of my final for my US History class has been looming. See, I have this thing where when I have a huge project to do, I put off the project for a long time, and everything else. It’s weird, I just won’t feel like doing anything, because I’ll think I ought to be working on the project, but I don’t really want to work on the project either, so I end up doing nothing. At any rate, I’ve finished it, and now all I have to do is finish up my Javascript and perl/CGI stuff.

Speaking of which, my Javascript class is teh lame. How lame, you wonder? Well, the semester is almost over, and I can verifiably say that I’ve learned about nothing so far – and supreme knowledge doesn’t seem to be coming down the pike within the next week or so I feel I can safely make this claim. The class is disheartening for other reasons… it appears that my teacher, aside from having the crappiest website design for a “Web Site Design Internet Publishing” firm, also has the typing skills of an 11 year old. Class assignments have completely retarded directions, too. Like this one, about image rollovers [which basically means when you move your mouse over an image, change the image, when you move it away, change it back]… the directions basically say: “make a sample website using javascript, which includes image rollovers. Or, if you prefer, do something else.” What the hell does that even mean?

And all the assignments have typos in them. And I don’t mean typos like, you know, spelling a word like *ahem* “deciduous” wrong. That would be understandable. But really, if you’re a computer science teacher, you shouldn’t be spelling words such as “Imag” instead of “image”, or “muose” instead of “mouse”. And to show that it’s not just just simple typos (which you know, a word processor would catch) but a true lack of caring about putting any amount of effort into it, I bring you the following quote: “Pass 2 parameters n use 1 functien” I don’t know what exactly to make of that. I mean, I know what it means – but as someone who would someday like to be a teacher, I’m extremely disappointed at the sense of apathy I get when reading these.

On the bright side, I’m totally taking a guitar class next semester. And Clare is going to be back in town in a week! Which is good, cuz Mollie is leaving in about a week, and I’m gonna probably be bored like whoa. And well, Clare totally rules, in case my opinion on the matter wasn’t yet known by the world. I feel like we totally click. We’re going to have a bake-a-thon. And have music lessons. And watch lots of movies. Cuz there’s lots of movies she needs to see. I wonder if she’s seen Empire Records. I’ve been watching a shitload of movies lately. See, whats been happening is that I’ll put on a movie on my ibook right before I go to bed, and just put the laptop on the bed and fall asleep watching it. In the past two-three weeks (some nights I get through a whole movie and put another on) I’ve watched Bourne Identity, Pirates of the Caribbean, Donnie Darko, Memento, The Perfect Score, Ninth Gate, the uncut version of Almost Famous (about three times – its good), 1776, A Guy Thing, Saved!, Three To Tango, and . So after watching Donnie Darko and Saved!, I keep thinking that Clare looks kinda like Jenna Malone. But thats probably just me.

Chevy totally just ate a moth. Poor bastard never saw it coming.

Sorry. Anyway, so its like almost Christmas and stuff, and I’ve only bought two presents. And I’m not sure what to get everyone else. And I think I’m broke. So this will be interesting.

I’m also in the middle of this fairly crappy book…. and as usual, I feel the urge to reread an old tried and tested series…. Ender, speak to me! Where are you Ender? Or maybe it’s time to visit Rand-land again.

Whoa, I found this on the Guitar Noise forums. It’s a guitar made out of wood from a pallet. Guitars are typically made out of fancy and or expensive woods (Ebony, Rosewood, Ash, Maple, Spruce, I’ve also heard of Mahogony and even Manzanita [for smaller parts on the guitar] being used) and usually a few different kinds of wood will make up different parts of a guitar. For whatever reason, these woods just have a better physical tone than others, and they also sound better as they get older. So, the higher end the guitar is, the better the materials are, and typically the older they are as well. Well, Bob Taylor (founder of Taylor guitars – probably one of the best known guitar companys) decided he wanted to prove its not just what you use, but how you use it. So they handmade this pallet guitar, and by all accounts, it sounds and plays great, there’s not many on the market, and the list price (which doesn’t always equal retail price) is $10,000. !.

Also of interest was this story about a modern day vigilante superhero, Angle Cutter Man.

Ok, I started this entry last night, and so I’ll just go ahead and post what I’ve got now.

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